"Our mission is to create clients for life. To achieve this, we commit to Our Promise; a written assurance that we will deliver you an exceptional level of service and, most importantly, deliver you beautiful hair that is 100% Virgin Indian. You can rest knowing that our commitment to provide you with excellence, will make the whole experience of purchasing hair easier, less stressful, and far more rewarding.”



Noel provides the purest, natural hair weaves and wigs. Our product comes from small villages in Chennai and Tamil Nadu, India where women make a pilgrimage to the temple to shave their heads as an act of complete devotion to their gods. Due to their isolation, these women do not damage their hair with the harsh chemicals in hair care products typically used in the major cities.


Our hair is hand selected by our lead consultant team. Our consultants have over 20 years of experience in the hair care industry. We purchase large quantities of 100% Virgin Indian Temple hair that comes from the temples of India in an effort to provide our customers with the best variety available.


We offer styles that range from straight to wavy to curly and everything in between. All of our products undergo testing to meet quality standards, which include durability, elasticity, consistency, and moisture retention.


The process of removal for our product is essential. We ensure that the cuticles are not striped and remain aligned in one direction. Once the hair is selected, it is washed multiple times, using natural, herbal shampoos and then dried naturally without the use of damaging heat instruments. After the hair is naturally dried, the weft is carefully woven then shampooed and conditioned once more before packaging. High grade cotton threads used in the textile industry are used in our wefts to provide a long-lasting weft that is safe and comfortable.

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